Best Kik Messenger Alternatives You Must Try

Technology and social networks are inseparable parts of our lives. With most of our social and professional contacts on our devices or social media, our lives invariably are linked to messengers and chat services. No wonder, then, that platforms like Kik Messenger Services have grown in popularity and ruled our social interactions for nearly half a decade.

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In an effort to adapt and respond to challenges from competitors, Kik Messenger Services got into a fight with regulators over its cryptocurrency, Kin, that lead to its closure. However, MediaLab at the last moment acquired the service and Kik can now hope for a revival. It will take time for Kik to regain its former functionality but while we wait, here’s a list of Kik alternatives that can guarantee similar or better experiences.

  • WhatsApp

Fast becoming “the most popular” messaging app in connecting more than one billion people across the world, WhatsApp has emerged as the most feasible and appropriate alternative for Kik Messenger services. The app can be installed on any platform from Android, Windows, and iOS to Blackberries. It is available for computers and works on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. WhatsApp supports individual and group messaging with both voice and video services with end-to-end encryption. It is also easy to share files, photos, videos, links, location information and even maps without much difficulty, provided the network is strong.

WhatsApp is a free service that is used across more than 110 countries, in many cases even for business and financial transactions. With Facebook buying the app in 2014, and its lightweight design when compared to the services it offers, WhatsApp has gained immense popularity. While other apps and services incorporate a variety of features, games and other options to enhance customer experience, WhatsApp retains its focus on providing clean and basic messaging services.

One feature that elevates WhatsApp is its restricted calling feature that allows voice or video chats only with people who have the app downloaded on their mobile device.

  • Facebook Messenger

The next popular option that may satisfy as a Kik alternative is also owned by Facebook. Popular across the United States and mostly driven by the popularity of its parent company, Facebook Messenger boasts a built-in user base of more than 4 billion users worldwide. Although it might not have some of the jazzy features available in newer apps and services, Facebook Messenger offers secure, simple and meaningful communication with friends or strangers wanting to be friends.

Like the primary app, Facebook Messenger services are available on most platforms including Android, Windows, and iOS. Being part of the larger app family, it does not need to be separately installed on a device. You can set your status and let other users know whether you want to chat or not. While Facebook Messenger offers both individual and group messaging, it’s possible to connect with new people on the messenger as well.

Facebook Messenger supports sharing files, photos, videos, locations and audio recordings and has a whole range of emoticons and stickers to accentuate the experience. A major advantage of the app is its new money transfer feature. It also supports individual and group audio and voice calling. To top it all, it is encrypted to ensure absolute security.

  • Camfrog

A PeerStream product that has been around for almost 16 years, Camfrog makes a definite impression with its unique and interesting features. Supported by the same security and technological features as Kik, Facebook or WhatsApp, Camfrog attracts users every day with its unique multi-language facilities and special features supporting the deaf community. Mostly an individual or group video chat service, Camfrog runs smoothly across various platforms and devices. It also has an extensive user directory, making it simple and easy to find whomever you wish to chat with.

Camfrog is popular among the younger generation that finds it easier to communicate with each other through the use of stickers and emoticons (which can be bought in-app with credits). With Camfrog, users can even earn money by broadcasting content, attracting a wide array of creators and fans alike.

The other feature that sets Camfrog apart is that it is one of the predominant deaf-friendly messaging services. Those who are hearing impaired have greatly benefitted in recent times from video chat services and Camfrog supports this by customizing its user interface for people with hearing accessibility issues. With more and more people swinging towards Camfrog as an alternate messaging option, the service might be perfect for former Kik users.

  • WeChat

Originating in China, WeChat faced some stumbling blocks in its effort to enter the global market. With almost a billion active users currently using the services, the app is used widely in Asia for both individual and group communications for personal and professional purposes. Like other services in this segment, apart from chat services, WeChat also allows sharing of images, videos, and audio files to individual users or groups.

It supports individual and group voice and video calling options, both within an existing network or in creating new connections. Available and compatible on all platforms, WeChat offers high-quality calling services on all devices as well as desktops, without any ads and with complete security.

Additionally, WeChat allows users to register without a username or password. Moreover, the login name can be changed anytime. Like Skype, the app offers a feature that enables users to be made ‘discoverable’, thereby letting people know when you come online and are available for chatting.

WeChat also has emoticons and stickers that are frequently shared by users to express their emotions. With video and audio calling options supported by general security features, WeChat is fast spreading across the globe including the United States  and makes a viable alternative to replace Kik.

  • Viber

Viber is another app that appeals to a huge number of users across the world. There are millions of registered users on the platform who make for a long list of potential friends! The app has been downloaded close to a 1000 times.

On sign-in, Viber offers most of the major messaging features. File, photo, video, audio and location sharing options strengthen the viability of the app for users. It allows users to make free audio and video calls to existing contacts as well as strangers. It does not require a login to be able to chat on Viper. Users can be identified as long as they have a valid mobile number. Unlike WhatsApp, Viber allows users to make calls to non-Viber users as well as any other mobile or landline numbers.

Viber is available to users with devices supported by Android, Windows, or iOS platforms and even on Blackberry devices. Owing to its compact size, the app is easily downloadable and does not consume much space. It is also available on both laptop and desktop computers.

  • Paltalk

Rapidly gaining popularity because of its features and services, Paltalk could be your perfect Kik alternative. Owned by Peerstream, a forerunner among multimedia technology providers, Paltalk is fitted with the heightened security and privacy features that are the trademark of Peerstream apps. Originating more than two decades ago, Paltalk has emerged as a popular choice of chat service, with more than 200 million users, including many from the United States.

The greatest advantage Paltalk has over other messenger services is that it works with the same stability across Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. With its more than 5,000 public group chat rooms, public and private video chat rooms, and one-on-one messaging services covering topics as vast as politics, music, financial markets and dating, Paltalk is one of the best available alternatives to Kik Messenger. The user-friendly interface and features, accentuated by multilingual support, explains its fast service and growing popularity with users.

If you’re looking for a way to meet new people from around the world every day, Paltalk helps you do just that— and with elan.

  • Line

Another product originating from Asia and penetrating the global market is Line. Downloaded over 500 million times on Android devices alone, and currently being used by more than 700 million active users worldwide, Line is fast becoming a top messaging service. Line supports free messaging, and group and individual audio and video calling services. Unlike many other messaging services, Line can support chat groups with up to 200 users chatting at once.

Like most other apps, Line allows stickers and emoticons to ensure a more enjoyable chat experience. Supporting most platforms, Line can be used on any device as well as a laptop or desktop computer. Line also allows users to follow other users who might be of interest. It offers video and audio calls along with instant messaging services that can connect you to both known contacts and strangers. It can also allow users to make paid calls to landline and mobile numbers.

Line Pay, an additional feature of the app, also supports in-pay payment options. Group messages with up to 100 people at a time can be supported. Users are registered through their phone numbers and contacts are synced on confirmation.

  • IMO

Last but not least, IMO is one of the more old-school messaging services keeping up with the demands of modern times. Created by Georges Harik at the end of the last decade, and meant to link Google to the rest of the world, IMO had started as a Google-supported app and therefore had a ready userbase. When launched, IMO was an instant hit, though in recent years it has become a bit outdated. However, IMO offers all the basic services that messengers like WhatsApp, Paltalk, and Camfrog offer to their users.

Supporting audio and video calling features with stickers and emoticons to add to the experience, IMO is also a deaf-friendly app and is widely used among people with hearing impairment. With crystal clear video quality, the hearing impaired find it easy to use and more convenient than most other apps. It also supports sharing files, photos, videos, and audio files within individual or group messages. The app takes little storage space and can be installed easily with very high-quality output. Apart from devices across multiple platforms, IMO can also be loaded on desktop computers and completely encrypted for security.

With advanced technology and enhanced networking services, people now prefer chatting on video that writing a message. Sharing files or pictures has also become more convenient and easy with most of these apps. With all these apps competing with each other to take the place that is going to be left vacant by KiK, the ultimate judgment rests with the users.

With most KiK users being spread across the US, one must also consider the user base these apps have in different parts of the world. It is highly possible that users will make use of multiple facilities from the various options available, based on their requirements.

So, go ahead and take your pick and keep chatting to your heart’s content!