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  • Group Basics

    • What are groups?

      A chat group allows you to socialize with people on Paltalk that share similar interests. You can create your own or join someone else’s group concerning any subject you like. You can also view their profiles and talk to them via chat room.

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    • Why should I join a group?

      Joining a group is the best way to show other members you want to meet other people.

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    • How are chat rooms related to groups?

      Every chat room has its own group page and every group page has its own chat room. Since chat rooms on Paltalk are not always open, a group’s web page is a great way to let Paltalkers continue conversations outside of the chatroom.

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    • Can a group have email notifications?

      Yes. Group members can receive emails if the chat room is open, a new member joins the group, and more. Email notifications are used to make members aware of activity within the group. There’s no need to constantly check the group’s main page.

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    • How can I find a group I like?

      Feel free to search or browse any group you like from the Paltalk Messenger or the Paltalk website.

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  • Start a Group

    • How can I make one?

      First you need a Paltalk account. Next, from the Paltalk website, click the "Chat Rooms" tab. Then, near the top of the page, click "Create My Group", and fill out the appropriate fields. Once your group is created, you can invite friends to join.

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    • How do I open my Chat Room?

      Once you create your Chat Room, you can open it whenever you like using PaltalkScene application. Your room has to be opened by you or one of your admins for people to chat in it.

      After downloading PaltalkScene, go to the 'Favorites' menu, and select 'My Room.' Then, click on the 'Join my Room' button. Once opened, feel free to invite people to your heart's content using the 'Invite' button found within the room itself.

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    • How do I manage my groups?

      Log into your Paltalk account, and click on the "Chat Rooms" tab. Then, in the top-right area, click on "Manage My Group".

      If you are an owner, you can designate members to be administrators or super-administrators, remove people from your group and control how people access your chat room. In a limited access group, both owners and administrators can remove members from the group and decide who can become members when they join.

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    • Who is the owner of a group?

      An owner is the Paltalk user that initially created the group because he/she enjoyed a particular topic and wanted to meet similar people. Anyone on Paltalk can own his/her own group simply by creating one.

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    • Who are the group’s administrators, and what can they do?

      The owner of any group can promote any member to an administrator or super administrator. Administrators can do many things: boot a member from the group or its chat room.

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    • ...And super-administrators?

      Super administrators have all the privileges that administrators have, plus more. Super admins can permanently ban someone from the group or change the message appearing at the top of the chat room. In addition, they have more power over the group page that they may not want to give to regular administrators, such as: allowing them to approve new members.

      Once someone becomes a member of the group, super administrators can promote them to super-admin status from the "Manage My Group" page.

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  • Special Groups

    • What is a limited access group?

      The owner of a group can decide at any time who can join his/her group through pre-approval. The owner may want to only let his/her friends join, or it may be a business to charge a fee for members to access the group.

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    • What are Premium Groups?

      While many groups on Paltalk are free, there are quite a few Premium Groups as well. These groups have a bigger chat room capacity, and are always open. Owners also have greater control over who has access to the room, and many other additional features.

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